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the SOLARPUNK CAMPUS collaborators

The Rjukan Solarpunk Academy is a non-profit art organisation on a mission to create a new institution that our time needs. By carrying out high-quality art projects around the themes of sustainability, we intend to educate people on these matters while also integrating contemporary art into society. Most of our projects are multidisciplinary and involve a wide range of collaborators, both in Norway and internationally. We are located at UNESCO world heritage site Rjukan, Norway. In Rjukan Varelager, once the largest department store in Norway, we have our art centre, the only French creperie in the Vestfjorddalen valley and a social arena with various activities for locals and travellers. Rjukan Solarpunk Academy was founded in 2019 by Martin Andersen and Margrethe Brekke. Brekke initiated the Solarpunk Arts Festival and has been working as the creative force behind the concept together with cultural management intern Milja Silvan.

More info about our collaborators to be published soon!

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