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«Energy developments divide opinion and generate controversy. Recognizing the social and political nature of power, Empowered Futures is a research school providing research-based competence on conflict mediation, equitable policy and development frameworks to achieve just energy transition.»

IMG_7495 (1).HEIC

Photo Kultivator/RSA

The SOLARPUNK CAMPUS RJUKAN was initiated as a consequence of Rjukan Solarpunk Academy becoming a partner in the PHD-school ‘Empowered Futures’, funded by The Research Council of Norway for a period of 8 years, till 2029. Empowered Futures is one of many current PHD-schools on topics relevant to sustainable transition and energy transition. The essence of Empowered Futures is a focus on the conflicts and problems that may arise with ‘energy transition’.

Through collaborations between ‘Radio Rjukan’, ‘Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum’ and ‘Empowered Futures’ —  ‘SOLARPUNK CAMPUS RJUKAN’ will develop a podcast that enters into the public discourse with a decentralized perspective straight from the industrial town built in the beautiful Vestfjorddalen Valley, the cradle of artificial fertilizer and energy infrastructure.

1st episode was recorded during the Empowered Futures PHD-workshop taking place in Rjukan, August 2023. 

The soundscapes of the podcast will be derived from the soundart piece by Anastasya Kizilova, described here in her own words

``Working on this soundscape, I traveled back in time to early spring of 2022, making my first steps throughScandinavia. I looked back into my notes:

“6 hours from Stockholm to Öland in a biogas car. The Kultivator art collective cared for my affected mind. It was like a dream come true. We stopped in a dark empty field. There was a noisy black box in the bushes. We recharged. The biogas music was healing my ears."

I used to live according to 0 waste principles for many years. Every autumn I saw many leaves around many cities. I was thinking about alternative energy. I read about biogas in books... It was like a dream. ``

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