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Questions about our future

Documentary filmproject by Lowri Rees


Is a documentary film-installation by Lowri Rees that examines the issue of.
Which questions are right to ask about the transition to a sustainable future?
A climate scientist and representatives from the local population provide their take on what the potential answers could be. We get to hear the voices of former workers and current users of the Såheim power plant in Rjukan. Aesthetic visuals of the majestic Såheimexterior, the interior turbines, engine rooms and wires are mixed with nature, water gushing and city landscapes, as we hear questions, answers, visions and problems connected to the transition.
The big gap that we are faced with, between the scientists, the reaction of the population and the decision makers, is a fundamental challenge in the transition to a sustainable future. By involving voices from the local communit. 
The film-installation seeks to address the different dimensions and layers of this divide,
and will be placed at the Såheim power plant, a monumental building in Rjukan’s history, filled with associations of architectural beauty, power production, industry, transition and visions of societal change.

Lowri Rees is an award-winning documentary film director who has made films shown at national and international festivals, NRK and in galleries. Her works include; ‘Roza's song’, ‘Anthony and Josephine in Norway’ and ‘No Man's Land’. She has also worked with performing arts in a variety of constellations.

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