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Rosemary Loves a Blackberry

Opening concert
all photo and video: Ingvill Sunnby

1 July at 18.00

Rjukan Varelager

Sam Eydes gate 50, Rjukan

Photo: Ingvill Sunnby

Rosemary Loves a Blackberry is a multi genre project, focused on music and music-related research without any formal or stylistic limitations. Diana Burkot is one of the most skilled video artists and musicians educated at the Moscow School of Improvised Music and the Rodchenko School of Contemporary Art. She is also a member of the feminist art group Pussy Riot and took part in the famous performance at the Christ Savior Cathedral in Moscow. Being an activist and a feminist, she is currently in exile and performs extensively with Pussy Riot. Welcome to the magic concert with one of the most talented contemporary musicians. 

That's what Jammerzine, an underground scene news service writes about one of her most known songs:
"Haunting and dark, kind of like a golden era Tim Burton film, and highlighted by Diana Burkot’s signature falsetto, ‘I Go to Sleep’ is not a remake but a rebuild of a classic song into a completely new piece of music. A quasi-fairy tale melded and molded for the modern age of music where a style for the decade still needs to be defined." 

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