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Two very talented artists, and active students at KHIO, Anastasya Kizilova & Yanine Zaichanka will be present and holding space in the Rjukan Solarpunk Academy art studios in Rjukan Varelager during the time-period of 24th - 28th of July. 
They will produce art that reflect and explore the festival’s core questions: 
What could/should human society look like after sustainable transitions?
What could/should human infrastructure look like after sustainable transitions?
What could/should the global biosphere look like after sustainable transitions?
In whose backyard should energy be produced?
And how much energy do we really need?
The work will be exhibited in the Municipality Artgallery in Rjukanhuset, where it will be on display from the 3rd - 25th of August. 

Anastasia Kizilova is an artist, currently based in Oslo, studying a Master programme at KHiO, Art and Craft Department, Textile. She started her artistic work after graduating from the Art and Industry Academy named after A.L. Stieglitz and PRO ARTE school of contemporary art In St. Petersburg. In 2013, she did the "Artist's Uniform" project, which was shown in 2018 in the Museum of Moscow, Russia and in 2022 The Mattress Factory Museum, Pittsburgh, USA. In 2015, she started the Succulenttherapy project – performative reading sessions and objects with alive plants that were shown at the Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-garde, Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val, Russia. At the Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, Germany and at the Ars Electronica Festival, Austria. Since 2019, she’s been actively working in Norway as an artist, and in 2020 took part in the festivals ‘Barents Spektakel’ in Kirkenes and ‘Open Out’ in Tromsø. 

Currently, she works in the field of environmental communication, with a focus on post-humanist ways of building interaction with the soil and its inhabitants.

Yanina Zaichanka is a Belarusian artist who is currently pursuing her BFA at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Prior to moving to Oslo, she had been actively involved in the contemporary art scene in Minsk. In 2018-2019, she studied Contemporary Art and Drama at the European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus. Her work has been shown at two solo exhibitions – ‘Freedom (of Speech) from the Unbearable’ at Pradmova Festival of Intellectual Literature in 2020, and ‘Being a Woman’ at ECLAB in 2019. She has contributed to group shows, including ‘CIAHLITSY’, an exhibition of queer art, and ‘Halasy’, an exhibition of art de-stigmatizing people with mental health conditions.


Zaichanka works with a variety of media. Her practice includes painting, drawing, sewing, embroidery, ceramics and performance. The choice of medium is dependent on the ideas and issues the artist is studying. The artist has been working with different topics, ranging from political oppression and violence against nature to gender identity and healing from trauma.

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