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Death of the ego

Bookbinder and artist Mari Haugerud

Solarpunk Campus Rjukan is inviting bookbinder and artist Mari Haugerud to spend some days in our open studio, to produce work inspired by our core questions:

What could/should human society look like after sustainable transitions?

What could/should human infrastructure look like after sustainable transitions?

What could/should the global biosphere look like after sustainable transitions?

In whose backyard should energy be produced?

And how much energy do we really need?

Responding to this task, Haugerud will embark on yet another question:

What may death of the ego look like?

Do we need to have a more collective mind, to explore alternative futures, and reach a sustainable transition as a whole?

What if greed, anger and ignorance can be transformed, and into what?

Barbeint Forlag will explore these questions as a work in progress on Solarpunk Campus Rjukan for an eventual publishing.

Mari Haugerud (b.1979) is a bookbinder and artist based in Nesodden. In 2020 she initiated Barbeint Forlag, an artist-book publisher. In her series Kompleks 1, 2 and 3, she has been working with text meeting form as sculptural bindings. Co-initiator of Hørte Annualen 2011, 2012 and 2018

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